Deputy for Remote Sensing attended the exposure to the results of monitoring evaluation of the Citarum watershed
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Deputy for Remote Sensing, attended a discussion on the implementation of monitoring and evaluation of Citarum-Ciliwung watershed management in order to accelerate pollution control and damage to the Citarum watershed in accordance with the mandate of Presidential Regulation No.15 of 2018. The purpose of monitoring and evaluating Citarum-Ciliwung BPDAS management management monitoring The upper Citarum watershed is mainly through the analysis of the use of remote sensing in order to obtain synergy and cooperation from various parties so that a reference to the management of the Citarum watershed can be obtained to the regional government and related stakeholders.

The event was attended by the Head of the West Java Provincial Forestry Service Office, the Head of the Directorate General of PEPDAS Citarum, the Deputy for Remote Sensing, the Head of the Management of Citarum Das and Protected Forests, the Head of Ciliwing-Citanduy BPDASAL and approximately 50 participants from the Citarum BPDAS, UPT-Pusat, UPD , TNI-POLRI, DAS Forum and Members of the Upper Citarum Task Force.

In his remarks, Dr. Orbita Roswintiarti, M.Sc conveyed the role of remote sensing in the provision, use, quality control, processing, and distribution of data, information, guidelines for remote sensing satellite methodology. In addition, it was also conveyed that cooperation with Citarum BPDAS had been carried out in developing guidelines for monitoring the evaluation of forest and land rehabilitation and remote sensing analysis for monitoring and evaluating the success of forest and land rehabilitation in the Citarum-Ciliwung watershed. LAPAN researcher Suwarsosno, M.Sc presented the results of the monitoring analysis of the evaluation of the Upper Citarum watershed. It was stated that land cover change by observing remote sensing satellite imagery was very important to evaluate several strategic policy management objectives. The results of the analysis include preparation of materials, processing and analysis of data, validation in the field and testing of accuracy and presentation of reports.

The results of the meeting have been mutually agreed that indicators for monitoring the management of the Citarum-Ciliwung watershed are agreed upon by all parties. LAPAN is ready to support monitoring the management of the upstream Citarum watershed based on agreed indicators through the use of data and remote sensing analysis.

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