Testimony stakeholders users data and information on the use of remote sensing
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PUSFATJA | Monday, January 21, 2019. Related to the duties and functions of the Dissemination Division, which are conducting dissemination activities, product information services as a result of research, development and engineering in the field of remote sensing utilization, testimonials to stakeholders of remote sensing data and information are conducted. Testimonials are carried out as part of information dissemination activities to find out how much benefits are obtained from the use of remote sensing in supporting the vision and mission of the relevant stakeholders. In addition, this activity aims to obtain input and suggestions for improving remote sensing utilization information services.

The selected users of data and information providing information are the Center for Hydrographic and Naval Oceanography (Pushidrosal), where the tesimoni was conducted by the Head of the Pushidrosal, Dr. Ir. Harjo Susmoro S.Sos., S.H., M.H. He expressed his hope for joint cooperation in analyzing remote sensing satellite images for further research. He also said that information on the use of remote sensing images is very helpful for border mapping and bathymetry analysis and other mapping to support Pushidrosal's vision and mission in providing the best for the Indonesian.

The National Police Training and Education Agency and the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) were also selected as stakeholders in the use of remote sensing data and information. Inspector General. Pol. Drs. Boy Rafli Amar, M.H and Brig. Gen. Pol. Dr. Dra. Juansih, S.H., M.Hum said that the role of the production of remote sensing information to assist the work of the National Police was enormous, both for information on disaster management, and for the analysis of other legal processes. Information on the use of remote sensing needs to be conveyed to officers in educational institutions as provisions in carrying out tasks, especially in areas that are disaster management or other special analytical actions.

Furthermore, PT. PLN conducts testimony regarding the use of remote sensing information in supporting the Papua Bright program. Mr. Ahmad Rofik as Maluku and Papua Regional Business Director accompanied by Eman Prijono Wasito Adi (Head of the Maluku and Papua Regional Development Division) and Mr. Robert A. Purba (Head of the Maluku and Papua Regional Construction Division) said that the Bright Papua project launched by PLN was greatly helped the realization even exceeds the expected target. The target villages that have to be electrified in Papua and West Papua have exceeded the target that must be achieved thanks to the use of remote sensing images. The implementation of village electricity installation in Papua is very effective and efficient, information on road access, mapping of village locations, altitude, public facilities and access to locations and preparation of equipment to support the implementation of location surveys based on remote sensing satellite imagery greatly helps implement the Papua Terang project activities. PT. PLN is very appreciative and thanks for the cooperation that has been established between PLN and Pusfatja, LAPAN. Thanks to the use of remote sensing satellite images, the realization of village electricity in Papua and West Papua was successfully implemented.

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