LAPAN Remote Sensing Center Attends APRSAF25 Activities in Singapore
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PUSFATJA | APRSAF25 or the Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum is an institutional meeting forum between the Asia-Pacific region that is routinely conducted every year. The forum of this activity was held in Singapore on November 6 to 9 2018. The meeting involved more than 40 countries consisting of interfaith institutions, governments, international organizations and research institutions. In this meeting there were four working groups namely Space Application, Space Technology, Space Environment Utilization, and Space Education as a forum to share information about future activities and plans of each country. APRSAF also supports the formation of international projects as a solution to common issues, such as disaster management and environmental protection, so that participating parties will benefit from this cooperation. (https://aprsaf.org/about/) The Center for Remote Sensing Utilization of LAPAN, represented by the Head of the Program and Facilities Division of Syarif Budhiman, M.Sc. describe remote sensing utilization activities in Indonesia in relation to SDGs in the Space Application Working Group (SAWG) at the SDGs and International Cooperation session. In his presentation, it was conveyed that high, medium, and low resolution remote sensing data in Indonesia was used in sustainable development in various aspects including eradicating poverty, ending hunger, safeguarding marine ecosystems, handling climate change, etc. In addition, before the main agenda of APRSAF took place, an initiative workshop was held, namely SAFE Workshop at Nanyang Technology University, Singapore on Monday, November 05 2018. SAFE (Space Application for Environment) is a cooperation forum to contribute to the handling of various environmental problems using technology between . In this meeting the results of a prototype study of SAFE participants were carried out for two years. Two of them were Pusfatja researchers, they delivered the prototype results in the form of "Palm Plantation Oil Mapping and Monitoring using Optical and SAR Space Borne Data" and "Smoke Haze Monitoring in Indonesia".

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