Collaboration between LAPAN and KemenATR-BPN on technical guidance (Bimtek) for analysis of embossed land, coastlines, and small islands using remote sensing data.
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PUSFATJA | Tuesday, October 30th 2018, Remote Sensing Application Center (Pusfatja-LAPAN) collaborated with the Ministry of Agrarian Spatial Planning/National Land Agency held a Technical Guidance on the Use of Remote Sensing Data for analysis of embossed land, coastlines, and small islands. The Bimtek is held for 4 days from 30 October to 2 November 2018 at the Remote Sensing Application Center (Pusfatja-LAPAN), Pekayon Jakarta. The Bimtek was attended by 8 participants from KemenATR-BPN who will process the remote sensing data processing for analysis of embossed land, coastlines and small islands.

Mr. Priyatna, The Head of the Dissemination Division and the Chief Executive of this bimtek, representing the Head of the Remote Sensing Application Center to open this technical guidance for the use of remote sensing data for analysis of embossed land, coastlines and small islands. He said that the remote sensing data can provide the faster and spatially effective solution to monitor natural resources and the environment. Furthermore, from KemenATR-BPN like to say thank to Pusfatja-LAPAN for the research collaboration and processing the remote sensing data related to emerging soil analysis, coastlines and small islands.

Technical guidance materials for this Bimtek consists of the introduction of data acquisition, processing and management systems in LAPAN, including the basic concepts of remote sensing, digital image interpretation recognition materials and the introduction of geographic information systems (GIS). The speakers and the instructor at this Bimtek are Dr. Ety Parwati, Fajar Yulianto, S.Si, M.Si, Nanin Anggraeni S.Si, M.Sc, and Ahmad Sutanto, S.Si, M.Kom, Hestiningsih, Riska Valupi. In this technical guidance, all participants are given not only theory but also practice about satelit image processing such as radiometric correction and pansharpen, how to display image and composite image creation, analysis of embossed land, coastline and small island, including map layout. In the end of this Bimtek, each group of participants gives presentations.

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