Technical Training for Remote Sensing Analysis The Use of Mercury in Small-Scale Gold Mining Locations Cooperation between BIG, KLHK and LAPAN
News Writter : Bides • Photographers : Bides • 12 Dec 2018
Technical training for remote sensing analysis, the use of mercury at a small scale gold mining site was held for 2 (two) days starting from 06 - 07 December 2018 at the Dafam Teraskita Hotel, Jakarta. This technical trainings is part of a collaborative activity between BIG, KLHK and LAPAN related to remote sensing analysis of mercury use at PESK which is part of the National Priority Program for Mercury Removal TA 2018.
The technical trainings participants are employees of the Directorate of Management of Toxic Hazardous Materials Ministry of LKH. The first day the material was given by the Geospatial Information Agency, while the second day of the material was delivered from Pusfatja, LAPAN on the occasion this time was conducted by Suwarsono, M.Sc and Kusumaning Ayu M.Sc.
Presentation material presented about the spatial concepts and concepts of remote sensing and estimated parameters of environmental pollution from remote sensing satellite imagery. While technical guidance material includes processing for visual and digital image interpretation, change detection analysis, map / image layout creation and report preparation.
The method of interpreting satellite imagery is done by combining visual methods and digital methods. Visual image interpretation is done based on key image interpretation (diagnostic image elements), namely: hue / color, shape, size, texture, pattern, shadow, site, and association. Whereas digital interpretation is done by applying digital techniques such as image classification based on the statistics of the spectral value of the pixels. Classification of indications of mercury pollution at ASGM locations is determined based on the spectral value or derivative index along with the changes.
The results of this collaboration are available thematic maps of the distribution of locations of Small Scale Gold Mining throughout Indonesia along with a spectral analysis of the impact of mercury pollution on environmental media in priority locations as well as indicative maps of mercury pollution indices through spatial statistical methods in several Specific location of Small Scale Gold Mining.

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